Monday, 20 December 2010

Kenidjack Siberian Chiffy Update

I've not managed to get back down to Cornwall again and probably shan't until the New Year now especially given the current weather conditions. However I do endeavour to keep up with the various Cornish blogs and I did notice on the excellent Sam and Lisa's Wildlife Photos that they'd managed to photograph the potential Siberian chiffchaff at Kenidjack that I mentioned in my entry for 6th December. I should point out that I think that someone else may have reported seeing it before I did though I'm not entirely sure on this point. It's great to have such good photos available and does confirm just what a good candidate it is though no one has apparently yet to hear it call.

I've linked directly to this photo from the blog (c) Sam & Lisa I recommend that you visit their blog for more details and photos including a nice comparison shot with a conventional chiffchaff.


  1. Hi Adam, You are welcome to use this image providing I am credited with the it, as you have done so. You have a nice blog, I am looking forward to following this.

  2. Thanks very much Sam, it's much appreciated.