Wednesday, 22 February 2012


I've been back in Oxford for a few days now and I realise that I've not yet done my trip retrospective. One of the main happenings during my time in Cornwall which I've not mentioned so far was the purchase of a new hat! Now, I'm not in any way, shape or form a hat person - they just don't suit me. The rest of my family can wear a hat and look good it in but I always look terrible in them - my VLW says it's because I have a small head. Nevertheless I enjoy the practical benefits of hat wearing. Especially when birding I like to have a cap which shades my eyes so I have been wearing a grubby cap for a couple of years now despite looking terrible in it. However on this holiday whilst mooching around M&S my VLW picked out a hat for me in which I look slightly less terrible than usual. What's more it's waterproof and has flaps to keep my ears warm so it's become my new birding hat. Whilst birding at Jubilee Pool I gave Luke the point & shoot camera to keep him occupied and he managed to take a photo of me sporting my new head gear which I thought I'd share with you.

Me in my new hat (taken by Luke aged 5).

Back to the birding where my trip away had been a very low key affair with not much about in the county and the fact that I was en famille meant that birding opportunities were rather limited. Looking back at my blog entries I managed a few half decent photos with the superzoom and it was nice to see both white-winged gulls in one day. I always enjoy rummaging through the chiffies at sewage works and it was nice to see the Helston tristis again. It was interesting to visit some new places and the Roseland peninsula is definitely worth another visit. I even managed a Cornish tick in the form of the woodcock that flew over the road as we were driving home at dusk. To summarise: nothing earth shattering and I'm not even going to pick a Bird of the Trip this time but it's always nice to be down in my favourite part of the country and there's always something to see.

I thought that I'd finish with this photo of a church
roof at the top of Market Jew Street by the car
park in Penzance. It's got these great fish scale
tiles which I've not come across before.

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