Saturday, 25 July 2015

25th July - Homeward Bound

This morning we woke early to reasonably fine weather. There was no lounging about in bed for us today so we got up and packed as we had to be out by 10 a.m. for the cleaners to come and make ready for our holiday guests for next week. We managed to leave on time and stopped off to recycle what we could at Pendeen and Tescos. Then there was one more stop to pick up some journey sandwiches before we hit the road. The A30 was predictably chocker with all the holiday makers leaving at the same time and we spent about an hour and a half crawling along near Bodmin before we were able to get going again. After that it wasn't too bad with just a bit of heavy traffic near the M5/M4 junction. We arrived home late afternoon tired but pleased to be back only to find that our electric circuit breaker had tripped out yesterday and that the entire contents of our freezer (thankfully not too much) had to be disposed of. Still, that didn't really spoil what had been a great week away.

I will do another final posting in the next few days once I've caught up with all my moth and flower photo ID's. In the mean time I'll leave you with a couple of left-over Pendeen photos.

Pendeen Stonechat
Dodder - a parasitic plant that uses Gorse and Heather as a host

We are in fact due back again in a week's time for our official Cornish holiday - this week having been a bonus break due to the cottage not having been booked. So, with dips on the Ring-billed Gull and Common Hawker to revenge, I'll be posting again here soon.

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