Monday, 10 August 2015

Friday 7th Back Home

As I mentioned yesterday, I'd put out the moth trap last night. This morning there were rather modest numbers within the trap with nothing of particularly note apart from a couple of migrants (a Dark Sword Grass and a Rusty Dot Pearl) and a Poplar Hawk Moth that our younger daughter wanted to have on her hand as usual.

The Poplar Hawk Moth
I noticed that there had been a noticeable influx of Swallows overnight with our usual family party that had bred in the barn joined by up to 50 others all zipping around the cottages with great speed. I presume that this is the start of the general autumnal movement southwards.

Our original intention was to leave today to avoid the Saturday traffic jams but in a (rather heated) family debate yesterday evening it had been decided to stay another day. However mid morning collectively it was decided that it would be better to leave today instead so we had a rather hectic couple of hours to pack up and make ready and then we were off. 

Grass Eggar
First stop was to visit my VLW's niece and partner who now live near St. Agnes. Her baby daughter had now turned one so we thought that we'd stop off to say hello. It wasn't until 4pm that we left her place and headed on up the A30. Acting on advice from a neighbour we decided to detour around the road works on the A30 which had caused such a huge delay on our previous journey home and so took the scenic route on the A39 "Atlantic Highway" up through Wadebridge, re-joining the A30 at Launceston. Certainly there were no traffic jams going this way but it added a good time to the journey and so it wasn't until quite late that we were back in Oxfordshire. Daughter 2 wanted to go to a party in Abingdon so we dropped her off there and finally arrived back at around 10 p.m. all feeling very tired and exhausted from a long journey home.

Pebble Prominent

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