Saturday, 30 July 2011

Saturday 30th July: Local Stuff Around Pendeen

Today was such a wonderfully sunny day that we decided just to hang around the cottage and nip down to the local beach for a while. I got up early as usual and just wandered around the local area, putting the new camera through its paces. So far I'm really pleased with it and even at full zoom the photos come out pretty well. The only short-comings that I'm finding so far are that it's really slow between frames (I'm used to that from my previous camera though) and it's not so good for macro work (my DCM TZ7 is much better). Below are the fruits of my labours, you can click on them to enlarge them if you wish.

The wires outside the cottage are great spots for snapping the local bird life and feature in several of the shots.

I seem to be being drawn inexorably towards mothing. This chappy landed next to me by the house so I took a shot. As I know very little about moths I usually end up asking local export John Swann to ID stuff for me. This one is a Bee Moth and is actually a micro moth though it's larger than many macros you come across

This is at full zoom from at least 50 yards away so I'm very pleased with how it's come out.

I was trying to get a bit arty with the composition here.
A ridiculously back-lit stone chat. I've tried to salvage it in Photoshop.
Those wires again.

This evening the sea was flat calm and in the distance one could see some sort of disturbance. A quick scan with the scope revealed a convergence of gannets and porpoises so there must have been a shoal of fish there. There were at least a dozen of the porpoises and there could have been many more.

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