Thursday, 28 July 2011

Thursday 28th July: Coming Down

We were due back down to Cornwall for a combined summer holiday and also to do a bit more work on the cottage. As usual I'd been keeping an eye on what was going on down in Cornwall and had also been doing some research into sightings during this period in past years. It was still rather early in the autumn season so there were not likely to be many vagrant birds, rather it seemed that sea-watching and the odd Neartic wader would be the main things to be looking out for. I also still needed some of the commoner waders for my Cornish list so my basic strategy was going to be to go sea-watching when the conditions favoured it and otherwise to check out the local wader hot-spots on a regular basis.

To add to the anticipation, this week I'd decided to treat myself to a new camera. It's long been my attitude that I didn't want to lug an SLR around as well as my scope so up until now I'd been using a small Point and Shoot Panasonic TZ7 with 12x zoom. However, I'd been thinking of getting a super-zoom camera and after some research had decided on the Canon SX30 IS which had an incredible 35x zoom. I was looking forward to putting this new beast through it's paces on some of the Cornish bird life.

We were coming down on Thursday but had friends visiting us in the morning so we weren't going to set off until the afternoon. Before we'd even left I got a text saying that there was a wood sandpiper on the Hayle estuary though by the time we actually got that far for some reason my family weren't too inclined to hang around while I scanned the estuary so frustratingly we had to drive past it. Still, it was great to be back in Cornwall and I was looking forward to visiting all the local spots once more.

Pendeen sunset

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