Monday, 30 July 2012

Saturday 28th July - Homeward Bound

It was a rush job to pack and leave the cottage by 10 am this morning but somehow we managed it. I did happen to notice a Greater Spotted Woodpecker working its way along the telegraph poles by the road from the lighthouse as we drove off: not such a common bird around here. 

We decided to stop off at Falmouth on the way home for a look around but there was nothing of note on the wildlife front and our journey back home was largely uneventful though I was tired enough driving back to have to stop in a service station for a thirty minute "power-nap", not something that I've had to do before. It was surprisingly effective and I felt completely refreshed for the rest of the journey.

So it's been a pretty quiet week down in my beloved Cornwall as expected but then that's July for you. Fortunately, with my new-found interest in moths there was always something of interest to see and photograph and I've managed to learn about quite a few new species. Next time I hope to bring a trap down with me though the Active Mothing was rather fun! On the birding front, things will no doubt start to pick up now that August is virtually upon us and I will once more be gripped off back in Oxford. I hope to be able to pop down for a couple of impromptu visits during the next couple of months though as the cottage is more or less completely booked up I'll have to find somewhere else to stay.

Until the next time!

A Dingy Footman...
...and a ridiculously tame St. Ives seal

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