Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Tuesday 24th July Pendeen

Another glorious day of sunshine, the hottest day of the year. First thing this morning I went down to the Watch for a sea-watch for about an hour though the only thing I saw was Basking Shark and a steady passage of Manx Shearwaters (700+ in the hour that I was there).

I managed to digiscope this young buzzard which was
 loafing around on the cliffs near the lighthouse.

Some rather vingetted digiscoped footage of the Basking Shark

As a family we seem to have slipped into a very lazy and relaxed routine, doing remarkably little which is very nice. This morning we went down to the "secret cove" to go for a swim though it turned out that the tide was too low for it to be very appealing (or safe) for swimming. Still, whilst there as well as the Silver-studded Blues I managed to find several Grayling on the hillside and a Brown Silver-line moth skulking in the bracken.

A Grayling

In the afternoon we needed to go to Penzance to get some food so decided to nip over the causeway to St Michael's Mount for a cream tea in the Sailloft restaurant - very nice! 

 There are several young Stonechats around the cottage at Pendeen

 Once it got dark there was more Active Mothing. My moth ID'ing abilities are still very much in their infancy but thanks to things like BirdForum and iSpot I'm learning fast. By now I'm starting to get familiar with the species around here and many of them are ones that we've already caught before though there were a few new ones tonight.

 Dark Arches

 Early Thorn
 Another huge beast - this time a Ghost Moth

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