Sunday, 16 March 2014

Friday 14th March: Pendeen

Usually on my trips down here I make sure that I manage to get in some good local birding in between DIY tasks but on this occasion I had lots that needed to be done and only limited time in which to do it so birding opportunities were going to be very limited and confined to Pendeen and its environs.

I awoke to a thick Pendeen fog this morning but despite the conditions still decided to crack on with my exterior decorating. I worked hard all morning and managed to cover a good bit of what I wanted to do that day. One advantage of working outside is that one can keep tabs on what's going on in the area. I soon heard the local Ravens cronking away and kept hearing a Golden Plover type of call coming from some nearby field. Now anywhere else I'd be content that it was just a European Golden Plover but as this is Cornwall I thought that I'd better investigate in case it was a rarer vagrant so after lunch I decided to go for a quick look for it before my afternoon decorating session. Fortunately it called periodically and I was soon able to locate it sitting forlornly and fog bound in a field on the footpath to Lower Boscaswell though disappointingly it was just a Euro GP after all. There were lots of Chiffchaffs about, calling in the stream valley and around the pool on the coast path, they seemed to be everywhere. That evening I went into PZ to do some shopping and then to pick up my VLW and L who arrived on the evening train.

On the moth front I found a rather faded Dotted Border by the front porch this morning as well as another Red Chestnut and a rather striking looking Caddis fly.

Dotted Border

Caddis Fly

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