Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Monday 31st July: Pendeen & Geevor

I was woken up this morning by the sound of Chough calling outside the cottage and found four of them about the cottage with two even sitting on the wires over the garden.

Garden Chough

After our day of rest yesterday it was time to get on with things. As usual we had a list of DIY tasks and as the weather was actually quite sunny and not too breezy we decided to work on some outside stuff. Whilst my VLW worked on an exterior window (one of her pet projects) I did some long-overdue pruning in our garden that our gardener, for some reason, had decided was too much for her. I made a reasonable start on this and then it was time for lunch.

We pootled about the cottage until mid afternoon when we decided upon a walk over to Geevor for tea in the café. As usual I kept a look-out for Wheatears in amongst the mine ruins and was rewarded with a trio of birds, at least two of which were juveniles. It is possible that they have bred locally rather than being migrants, which would be nice.

Juvenile Wheatear
I had very much hoped to escape my work during my two weeks down here but there were some serious developments with one of the businesses for which I was working. There was much WhatsApp'ing going on between myself and a colleague as we worked out how best to handle what was a rather delicate situation. Accordingly our tea was punctuated by regular messages updates which I relayed to the rest of the family who were rather enjoying this real life soap opera.

We walked back through the village where I noted that Heathers was still for sale. I did half wonder if the tea shop might re-open for the summer given that they'd not yet sold it but it was rather hard to tell from what we could see.

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