Friday, 4 August 2017

Thursday 3rd August; Pendeen & Marazion

Today was going to be another day of strong wind, good enough for a sea-watching session though the wind direction wasn't exactly ideal, being only just south of due west. Whilst this direction meant that PG was still the preferred destination (only just though), after yesterday's complaints from the rest of the family I didn't feel that I could  really head off there once again. So instead I got up at around 7:15 and wandered down to Pendeen lighthouse for a session there. I had the place to myself and it all started off quite well with a couple of Sooties and a pair of Stormies going through almost immediately. There were several Balearic Shearwaters passing through as well but it soon fizzled out with just a pair of Common Scoter to add to the noteworthy column and I left after an hour and a half. Back home as I did some chores around the cottage, occasional glances at the sea seemed to show things picking up again later in the morning and late morning a Cory's was seen going through by JS.

Pendeen Painted Lady

Back at base we decided to head over to Marazion as we had to run a few errands over there. We first nipped into Sainsbury's to pick up some lunch things which we then ate at the Station Inn car park, overlooking what was a pretty stormy sea. I nipped over to the Marsh where I had 8 Canada Geese, 1 Grey Heron, 1 Little Egret and a Little Grebe for my troubles. On the beach itself all I saw were a dozen or so Sanderling and an adult Med Gull go by. 

Next it was off to the Long Rock area to explore a couple of new shops. We were partially looking for a replacement source of DIY materials since the departure of B&Q and we were quite pleased to discover a couple of places which seemed to be good alternatives. Next it was off to the railway station to pick up our younger daughter who'd be away in France with some friends earlier in the week and so had come down on the train today. After the family reunion the rest of the family wanted to go shopping in PZ so I opted for my usual alternative which was to stare at the sea from the bus station car park though there was nothing of note so I soon gave up and headed off to join the others at a café. Then it was back to Sainsbury's for some more shopping and then back to the cottage for dinner. After our meal we headed down to the lighthouse to look for Dolphins once more though this time without any sucess.

Juvenile Herring Gull at the bus station

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