Friday, 9 July 2010


My family and I have been coming to the Penwith peninsula at the south-west tip of Cornwall for some years now on family holidays. We started coming at around the time when I got interesting in birding again. This meant that as well as the family appreciating the wonderful coastal scenery and the great beaches I was able to enjoy some of the top birding in the country. Since then I've always kept a keen eye on bird sightings in Cornwall. At Easter whilst down on yet another holiday in the area we stumbled across a house that was for sale in the Pendeen area. We rather fell in love with it and, despite its run down appearance and the fact that it needed a fair amount of work, we decided to buy it. This will mean that I'll be able to visit this beautiful area more frequently and as a keen blogger (Port Meadow Birding, Gnome's Birding Diary) I thought that I would create a blog specifically for my Cornish birding experience. I realise from reading the various blogs that are around that my occasional visits down to the peninsula might seem like mere dabbling compared to those who live there but my intention is to celebrate the wonderful bird and other wildlife of this amazing part of the country albeit with relatively infrequent updates.

I should point out that I am a relatively inexperienced birder, it being just three years since I took it up again. Nevertheless I am keen and a fast learner and am always striving to improve my birding skills. I have also got rather interested in photography but so far have avoided going down the DSLR route preferring to stick to digiscoping and taking shots with my Point & Shoot camera (currently a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ7 which has a 10x optical zoom). This means that my shots are never that great in quality but I hope they at least capture the scene well enough for this blog.

The Pendeen Lighthouse

I've added a couple of older posts from my other blog describing the birding that I did previously whilst on family holidays in the area.

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