Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Monday 11th & Tuesday 12th April: Pendeen

With not much about to go for the last couple of days were spent birding locally at Pendeen. It's been great getting to know the local birds with goldfinches, linnets, dunnocks and stonechats all to be seen in the bushes and gorse. As it had been so sunny I'd taken the opportunity to do some digiscoping during my breaks from painting.

Pendeen stonechat

Pendeen chaffinch

One lunch-time I noticed that the wind had picked up and also that there seemed to be a lot of birds going through on the sea. Indeed I could even pick out some shearwaters going past from the cottage so I took half an hour off over lunch for a quick sea watch during which time 258 manx shearwaters and one bonxie went by. It's great to be able to nip down for a sea-watch "on spec" like that.

Tuesday morning was time to leave though I did persuade the family that we needed to stop off at Marazion for ten minutes as reed warblers had been reported there the previous day. Sure enough within a few minutes I managed to hear their monotonous chugging song - another Cornish first for me, albeit "heard only". After that it was off home, this time with the en route stop off chosen by my VLW who wanted to stop at Lostwithial to look in the many antique shops there. The journey back home was uneventful - it had been a great springtime visit to Cornwall and despite initially not looking too promising bird-wise, a few really cracking birds had been seen. I can't wait to get back down there and fortunately for me the decorating is taking longer than we'd hoped so I'll have to head back there fairly soon for some more great birding decorating.

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