Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Wednesday 5th August: Pendeen

Today the wind was strong and directly from the south - an unequivocal Porthgwarra day. However, a disturbed night's sleep had meant that a cold that I'd been fighting off all week started to gain the upper hand and also the fact that PG is too far away easily to slip in a cheeky visit as part of a family holiday meant that in the end I decided not to brave the rainy and windy conditions and instead to stay in bed. Mid morning I did nip down to the Watch just to take a quick look at the sea. There was a large feeding flock of Manxies zipping around all over the place and I scoured it carefully for anything more interesting but to no avail.

The incessant rain meant that we didn't contemplate leaving the house until the afternoon by which time my cold had firmly taken control so I stayed in bed whilst the others had a local walk. I did leave the cottage late afternoon just to get out of the house and had a wander down to Boat Cove but there was nothing of particular note to be seen and the highlight was on the way back when a flock of three Chough flew over my head and landed on the cliffs. I spent much of the evening tucked up in bed reading. I hope that I feel better tomorrow as it's supposed to be the best weather of the week.

Two of the three Chough on the cliffs
Due to the wind I've not been running my trap but this female Ghost moth came to the "moth light" last night

A rather worn Palpita vitrealis turned up inside our house last night.
This is a rather rare immigrant moth

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