Sunday, 2 September 2018

Rounding Up

I've been going through my photos and found a few that I'd not posted which I wanted to share so I thought that I would do a round-up post on my stay. As is typical for August, it's a quiet time of year on the birding front apart from sea watching and sadly I managed to miss the two classic watches of the season so far which occurred either side of my visit. So Trindade and Fea's Petrel are both firmly not on my list! Still I enjoyed the sea watching that I did do and I like to feel that I'm crawling my way towards being a bit better at what is a difficult and dark art as far as I'm concerned.

Pendeen Buzzard

Red Admiral

The only other bird action was at Drift Reservoir which hosted a Pec Sand, a Wood Sand and a Lesser Scaup and it was pleasing enough to catch up with these species. Apart from that it was pootling around the cottage and going to numerous caf├ęs as usual. The only fly in the otherwise clean holiday ointment was the fact that I managed to miss a stonkingly rare Roseate Tern back in Oxon during my stay down in Kernow. That one is going to take many years to get back and will sting for some time to come. Still I enjoyed my trip and am already looking forward to the next time that I'm down.

Mousehole Rock Pipit

Mousehole House Sparrow

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