Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Sunday 30th July: Pendeen & Hayle

We're back down in our beloved Cornwall again, this time for two week for our family holiday. In order to avoid trouble with the traffic on Saturday we waited until after 4 pm before leaving Oxford and this ploy seemed to work out well with hardly any traffic at all though we did have to contend with driving rain on the way down. Fortunately it was starting to fizzle out by the time we were unpacking the car at the cottage and we hurried inside to get set up for the evening.

On Sunday we had a very lazy morning just loafing around at home. I went for a little wander around and saw the usual suspects in the usual places. As I've been trying to shake of a sore throat for quite a while now I decided to have both a morning and an afternoon nap and this seemed to help. Given that we needed to head over to PZ for some shopping we first went to Marazion only to find the Jordans car park absolutely heaving - it turned out that there was a festival on of some kind. So in the end, given that I was still rather tired, I dropped the others off so that they could walk to Marazion whilst I headed over to Hayle to do a spot of shopping for gluten-free bread. My daughter and I are both gluten intolerant now and after some experimentation we've decided on the M&S bread as the best one so I was heading over there to stock up on supplies. On the way of course I stopped off at the Hayle estuary, well it would be rude not too! The main occupants were a bunch of loafing Herring Gulls though I did pick out a single juvenile Med. Gull in amongst the BHG. On the wader front there were just four Black-tailed Godwits to be seen and right in the distance were the five Black Swans that had been reported previously. I don't think that I've ever seen that many Black Swans in one place.

Juvenile Med Gull
Distant Black Swans
Next it was on to M&S & then back to Marazion to pick up the others before we headed back to the cottage for the evening.

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