Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Tuesday 1st August: Morvah (No) Pasty Day

Today was Morvah Pasty Day and we decided that once more we would walk over there for a pasty lunch. First however I had to make a Skype call to someone else involved in the business drama but as our internet was rather unrelilable in the end I went up to the Pendeen Centre to use their WiFi. The meeting went well and things were moving in the right direction as far as the drama was concerned so it was back home to get ready for the walk. All this had rather meant that we ended up leaving later than intended and by the time that we actually arrived at Morvah all the pasties had gone! We made do as best we could with the snacks that we'd brought with us and listened to the various local musicians and wandered around the small fair. There was something very Cornish about it all which I'm coming to appreciate more and more.

A musical performance ourside Morvah church
We walked back along the coastal path where the summer heather was looking wonderful along one comparatively bracken-free stretch. We got back late afternoon for a much-appreciated cup of tea and a bite of something to eat.

Heather along the coastl path between Morvah and Portheras beach

Hybrid Monkeyflower growing by the stream at the top of Portheras beach
A Ruby Tiger came to the porch light this evening

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