Sunday, 11 August 2019

Back Home via Illogan and Clevedon

Sunday it was time to pack up and go. With more guests arriving later on that day we were packed and out the door by 9:30 am. We stopped off first at Jordans to get some journey snacks. Then I persuaded the rest of the family to make a detour to Illogan where a Ring-necked Parakeet had been reported from the churchyard several mornings recently. The churchyard turned out to be a wonderful wilderness with signs saying that it was a "Living Churchyard" designed to promote wildlife. It was fabulous and full of insects and flowers of all kinds. All the family really enjoyed exploring it and seeing Thomas Merrit's grave (the composer who wrote 'Hark the Herald Angels' Christmas carol). Unfortunately there was neither sight nor sound of any Parakeets - let's hope that this bird takes up residence here and sticks around.

Anyone with any interest in wildlife must be aware that this year is a Painted Lady year we saw loads of them all week
We headed on homewards, stopping off for a break at Clevedon in north Somerset. Being only just off the motorway it apparently had a nice Victorian pier that we wanted to take a look at. Clevedon turned out to be a nice little town and the pier was pretty but expensive to go on so in the end we amused ourselves looking for more sea glass on the beach. This turned out to be a particularly productive site and we all founds loads. Then it was back to the car and on homewards to catch up with our cats who we're sure must have been missing us very much. 

Clevedon pier

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