Thursday, 26 July 2012

Wednesday 25th July Pendeen

With an even hotter day today and little wind, we elected to have an even more lazy day today, not even attempting to leave Pendeen. In the morning whilst the rest of the family mooched around the cottage I went for a walk to my usual butterfly spot where I found more Silver-studs, Grayling, another Brown Silver-line moth, several Six-spotted Burnets and a Common Blue. I also spotted a Sand Martin and a total of six Swifts all working their way up the coast.

 Six-spot Burnet
 Brown Silver-line

Back at the cottage mid-mornig I spotted a pod of about a dozen or so Dolphins (or at least that;'s what I assume they were) working their way past the Watch at a close distance. We watched them from our garden as they went past and I took some record shots with the super-zoom camera. They're not up to much photographically I'm afraid.

We decided to spend the afternoon at Portheras beach where I even braved the water though it was rather chilly. Suddenly at around 5pm it clouded over and then the usual Pendeen fog descended, leaving the cottage fog-bound and everything deliciously quiet. That evening my VLW's niece, who lives up the coast near St. Agnes, came over for dinner and then we went to the Radjel Inn for their pub quiz. Back at the cottage I turned on the moth light though I wasn't expecting anything given the fog. It turns out though that foggy conditions are especially good for moths. I'm guessing they can't see anything else and so are drawn to the bright light. There were soon dozen of moths all fluttering around the patio area and I busied myself with identifying them and photographing the interesting ones.

 Dot Moth (thanks to John Swann for the ID correction)

 Peach Blossom
Peppered Moth

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  1. Adam,Your Common Rustic looks more like a Dot Moth to me, What book are you using ? John