Saturday, 18 September 2010

Retrospective Wood Warbler & The Hayle Estuary Needs You!

Firstly I've remembered something that I meant to put in my last entry about my last visit to Porthgwarra. Whilst I was looking for the melodius warbler I did manage to see a warbler which wasn't it. It was in fact a phyllosc. type but rather large with a bright yellow breast, a fairly clean demarkation between the breast a clean white belly and with a strong yellow supercilium. It was making a down-slurred call which I should have recognised at the time but I was a bit slow on the up-take. However after the fact I've realised that it was in fact in all probability a wood warbler that I saw. Not quite in the same league as a melodius warbler but a nice bird none the less.

Secondly I'd like to draw people's attention to the following which I've copied from the Cornwall Birding web-site. It only takes a minute to send an e-mail about it and it's very a worthwhile cause that should be dear to any birder's heart.

Hayle Estuary Proposed Dog Control Order
So far there have been 12 objections to the dog control order on the Hayle Estuary and only one letter of support! We hear so many complaints from birders about disturbance caused by dogs on the estuary so this is your opportunity to do something about it!! PLEASE write showing your support for a Dog Control Order on the estuary BEFORE 27th September to the address below or send an e-mail to The area to be covered by the DCO and further details can be seen on the Council’s webpages:

We suspect the number of objections has been helped by the letter in last week’s ‘The Cornishman’ newspaper in which a local resident expressed her views on the introduction of a DCO in no uncertain terms. Unfortunately, in spite of two excellent responses (by Cornwall Council and Dave Parker) correcting the misinformation and total nonsense in that letter, the paper has declined to publish these today. We are not surprised but of course very disappointed.

Please write if you can before the 27 Sept to:
Ms Tina Beeley, Legal and Democratic Services, Room 43, Cornwall Council, St Clare, Penzance,TR18 3QW

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