Monday, 18 August 2014

Mopping Up & Looking Back

This is my usual end of trip retrospective on what I saw and what I liked etc.

Regular readers will have noticed a new theme with plants now being added to the repertoire of things that I'm taking an interest in. Whilst I'm just getting started with flowers, it's been great to come down to an area where there are some local specialities that aren't to be found elsewhere in the country. Since coming back I've been working through the many photos that I took whilst down in Cornwall, particularly of the plants and flowers which I'm a complete beginner at. I usually end up posting them on iSpot for ID where often one can get a very quick response from some real experts. I'm particularly interested in finding local specialities, whether they're just coastal specialists or even better west Cornwall specialists. The two below, which I found at Marazion by the Red River mouth are only found in sandy coastal areas I believe.

Sea Radish
Sea Beet
With the help of the Bird Forum moth ID thread I've managed to identify all the moths from my trip that came to the "moth light" now. In the end I added a few moths to my (pathetically small) moth life list so that was good. I've already posted all the interesting ones on this blog apart from this Agonopterix nervosa

Agonopterix nervosa
 Looking back, from a birding point of view there was sadly not much to report but as I said at the beginning, that was to be expected. It was unfortunate that for the sea-watching we managed to miss all the stormy weather though obviously from the point of view of a family holiday it was actually a good thing that we caught the last week of nice warm settled weather. The family all say that they enjoyed themselves and I always love being down in Cornwall so all in all, a successful albeit rather low key trip.

I'm intending to come back down in October for my usual week of birding and in addition we've booked the end of October half term holiday down here as well so there could be a lot more blogging in that month. Personally I can't wait to return.

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