Friday, 8 August 2014

Thursday 8th August: Pendeen

It's always a bit of a busman's holiday coming down to the cottage. Whilst there, there's always something that needs to be done so we decided to spend today in doing all those little jobs about the cottage. Needless to say our two daughters were none to keen on helping and so decided to head off to St. Ives for the day on the bus. This left my VLW and I to get with our chores whilst L amused himself. There were some nasty bits of rust around the main doors which needed my attention and I busied myself with this whilst my VLW dealt with some of the interior work. On a break we wandered down to the lighthouse where I found three Wheatears, all hanging out in one of the fields. Once more a Clouded Yellow flew by (I've seen one virtually every day this week) and the usual Swallow family and a Pied Wagtail family were to be seen around the cottages.

One of the resident Swallows

One of the three Wheatears
Mid afternoon we decided that we needed to get out and also we needed to buy some more paint and caulking etc. so we headed off to Penzance. Whilst L and my VLW went to see if they could find a replacement bedside lamp I headed off to B&Q and then to Sainsbury's to pick up some food provisions. Then it was back home to Pendeen. On a whim I stopped at the small pond near the Boscaswell Stores in Pendeen to take a quick look. There I managed to find a Hawker dragonfly zooming about the place. Frustratingly it never settled and I couldn't quite work out what it was though I was wondering about Common Hawker. As time was marching on and my VLW was wanting her cup of tea I had to leave it unidentified and we made our way back to the cottage.

Once again we went down to the lighthouse at dusk to stare at the sea or go down to the small beach there. A heard-only Green Sandpiper flew past whilst I was gaxing at the sea though there was little else of note.

Plant du Jour: Sea Plantain - a coastal Plantain species which can be found
in abundance down by the lighthouse
Back at the cottage it was another good evening with the moth light tonight and there were several dozen moths around the door.

One of the more easily recognisable Pug's: the Lime-speck Pug

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