Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Saturday 10th August

So it's our departure day here already. We had to be out by 10 a.m. as we had some holiday guests booked in for the following week so it was a mad scramble to get everything ready though somehow we managed it. It was very frustrating to see a decent wind at last and first thing at least it was in the perfect direction for Pendeen though it later veered around to more of a PG direction. I could only take glances out of the window in frustration as we packed and would take a periodic sneaky peek through my bins to watch the birds flying past at close quarters.

A Crescent Dart from the previous day
My VLW's niece and her partner who now live down in Cornwall had just had their first baby so we wanted to stop off to see them on the way home. They were rather tied up to start with so we went down to Marazion to kill some time until she was free. We had a hot drink and a snack at Jordans and I went to the marsh to see what was about though basically all I could see were lots of Moorhens and a single Grey Heron that flew over. Over by the standing stone it was little better though I did have brief glimpses of what looked like a Reed Bunting and a Chiffchaff.

Tree Mallow, found near Trevilley, a coastal Mallow species

We rendezvous'ed with the new baby and parents at the Heartlands complex near Pool where in the café we had a chance to catch up. Then it was back on the A30 and the long slog home. There were the predictable traffic jams so we tried our A38 alternative again which was trouble free. This only delayed the inevitable though as there was a certain amount of stopping and starting on the M5 itself. Thus it wasn't until around 7pm that we finally made it back home to Oxford, very tired after our long journey.

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